Siemens Energy will install two high-voltage direct current (HVDC) back-to-back links in Georgia to connect the Georgian power supply network with Turkey’s grid system.

The two HDVC links will each transmit 350MW of power generated in various hydropower plants in Georgia to Turkey, under the Georgia’s Black Sea Transmission Network Project.

Siemens will carry out the HDVC installation project worth €170m ($214m) for Energotrans.

The order will also include system control equipment, converter transformers, switchgear, thyristor valves and AC filters.

A converter substation for the two back-to-back links will be built in southern Georgia on the Turkish border.

At the substation, the systems will be connected through overhead transmission lines with Georgia’s and Turkey’s high-voltage networks.

HVDC back-to-back links are necessary when two power supply networks with varying technical parameters (frequency, phasing) are to be interconnected.

The first HVDC link will become operational in late May 2012, with the overall project scheduled for completion in May 2013.