Kyrgyzstan has unveiled the first unit of its $200m Kambarata-2 hydro project.

The construction of Kambarata-2 resumed three years ago after it was abandoned in the 1990s.

Russia lent $300m towards the project to help revive the country’s economy and infrastructure.

Kyrgyzstan’s acting President Roza Otunbayeva announced that the country will be able to live well in winter and summer, and is increasing its export potential, according to Reuters.

“The wasteful discharge of water in summer will be stopped,” Otunbayeva said.

The first unit of the project will allow Kyrgyzstan to produce an additional 500-700 million kilowatt hours per year of electricity.

The country currently generates about 14 billion kilowatt hours per year.

A second unit, also expected to cost $200m, is planned for Kambarata-2.