Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and Marubeni have jointly received an order for two sets of 1,000MW steam turbine and generators for Korea East-West Power’s (EWP) power plants.

The two sets will be installed at the ultra-super-critical-pressure (USC) coal-fired power generation units, Unit #9 and #10 power plants being built at EWP’s existing Dangjin Coal Fired Power Complex.

MHI will manufacture and supply the turbine sets, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will provide the generators and Marubeni will be responsible for their transport and for provision of auxiliary equipment.

The plants due for commercial operations in 2013 will serve to meet increasing electricity demand of the country.

Units #9 and #10 in the Dangjin Coal Fired Power Complex represent Korea’s first 1,000MW USC power generation systems and the country’s largest coal-fired power plants.

The USC system uses very high-temperature and high-pressure steam and enables more fuel-efficient and environment-friendly power generation compared with other forms of coal-fired power generation.