GDF Suez and Solar Power Group will jointly develop a 5MW thermal Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant in the North of Chile.

The CSP plant will supply superheated steam to the 150MW Mejillones coal-fired plant.

CSP uses large arrays of mirrors to transform water into high-temperature steam that can be fed into a turbine to generate electricity.

The Chilean project includes a solar boiler made of modules developed by a Solar Power Group using its Fresnel technology.

E-CL, GDF Suez’s electricity company in Chile, will be the off-taker of the steam.

Through the project, the power plant will reduce its consumption of coal, decrease its CO2 emissions and increase its fuel efficiency.

GDF Suez Energy Latin American head Jan Flachet said that the project is aligned with GDF Suez Group’s intention to incorporate renewable and clean energy in its own energy mix.