Wärtsilä will give Aksa Samsun power plant in Samsun, Turkey, an engine to provide the most powerful generator in the world.

The engine, with an electrical output of 18,321KW, is the largest gas powered generator in the world, the company said.

The very first installation of the Wärtsil&#228 18V50SG unit features a high-power plant efficiency rating of over 50% in combined cycle mode.

The engineering and equipment contract includes the controls, automation and auxiliary equipment related to the fuel gas, charge air, cooling and exhaust gas systems.

Owned by Aksa Enerji, the combined cycle plant currently is fitted with seven Wärtsil&#228 18V46 engines running on heavy fuel oil, six of which will be converted to Wärtsil&#228 18V46GD engines for gas-fired operation.

When the18V50SG engine has been commissioned in 2011, the power plant will have a total generating capacity of about 130MW in combined cycle mode.

The 18V50SG is a four-stroke, spark-ignited gas engine that works according to the Otto process and the lean burn principle.