E.ON has welcomed a new energy plan launched by the German Government, describing it as an important step for the country.

The framework aims to transform energy supplies over the next few decades and supports a European low-carbon economy that will avoid 80 to 95% of greenhouse gas emissions by the middle of this century.

E.ON chairman of the board of management Johannes Teyssen said that he believes that the immediate action plan proposed by the German Government is a key step in the right direction.

“Changing our energy model will not take place automatically and it will not be free of charge.

“We welcome the government’s initiative to secure greater transparency and acceptance for infrastructure projects, and we will support it to the best of our abilities,” Teyssen said.

The government plans to collect more than half of the additional profit from longer service lives and the government has also called for additional requirements for the retrofitting of nuclear plants.

E.ON plans to support the modernisation of conventional power plants, the expansion of renewable energies, and research and development work related to energy efficiency.

By 2030, E.ON intends almost to triple the share of renewable energies in its power generation portfolio and halve the CO2 emissions of its power plants, compared with 1990 levels.