Tenaska’s two US-based projects, aimed at capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from power generating plants, have received international recognition in the form of grants from the Global Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Institute.

The first $7.7m grant was awarded to Tenaska Trailblazer Energy Center in West Texas and the second $795,000 grant will support CO2 capture development studies for the retrofitting of Entergy’s Roy Nelson power plant in Westlake, Louisiana.

The grant, awarded to the Trailblazer Energy Center, will help fund the front-end engineering and design work for the power plant’s carbon capture technology.

Tenaska is also developing the Taylorville Energy Center in Illinois, a proposed 602MW (net) integrated gasification combined-cycle power plant to capture more than 50% of its CO2 emissions.

Global CCS Institute CEO Nick Otter said the financial support was focused on projects that can provide returns toward accelerating the construction and operation of CCS projects.

“We want to engage with those projects where we can have an immediate impact by helping them remove the obstacles to their success,” Otter said.

The Institute is supported by 36 national and regional governments and 220-plus corporations, non-government entities and research organisations.