Troll A, Norway

Power and automation technology group ABB has won an order from Statoil to install high-voltage subsea cables to supply power to Troll A, an offshore natural gas platform on the west coast of Norway.

The contract includes undertaking pre-studies, provision of 350km of high voltage AC and DC cables laying and installation, as well as project management and related engineering services.

The DC cables will supply power to two new gas compressors, while the AC cable will supply power to the safety and automation systems.

Veli-Matti Reinikkala, ABB Process Automation division head, said: "Reliable power from shore will contribute to safe and efficient operations of the gas compressors on the platform."

The production platform contains approximately 40% of the natural gas reserves on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and is a cornerstone of the gas supply to the European Continent.

ABB is the main supplier to all five power-from-shore installations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Following completion, the natural gas platform will be equipped with two HVDC Light installations from ABB, enabling the gas compressors onboard to be powered from shore.

Image: High voltage AC and DC cables will supply power from the shore to the Troll A platform. Photo: courtesy of Swinsto101.