Conergy-Solar-Jun 07

Conergy has partnered with energy solutions provider and project developer, Ensunt, for a 50MW solar power plant for the DACC Power Generation Company Limited (DPGCL) in Pakistan.

The project, which is based in Bahawalpur, in the Cholistan region of the country, is owned by DPGCL and the Pakistani government.

As part of the partnership, Conergy will provide the overall planning, engineering and design, and supply components for the solar park, while Ensunt will be responsible for the local implementation and the construction work on site.

DPGCL president Doug Melvin said the 50MW power plant is the biggest solar project for the Government of Pakistan.

"After a comprehensive comparison of products and capabilities, DPGCL and Ensunt decided in favour of Conergy for supplying all our needs," Doug said.

"It is a great comfort to DPGCL and the Government of Pakistan to partner with a company such as Conergy as the sole source provider for our planning, design and component requirements in Pakistan."

DPGCL and Ensunt, in association with Conergy, will help the Pakistan government to reduce the power shortages throughout Pakistan.

Conergy Board Member and CSO Asia Pacific and Americas Marc Lohoff said solar energy is ideally suited to supplying the Pakistani population with safe, clean and affordable energy.

"At the same time, solar power can support the economic development of the country," Lohoff added.

Upon completion of the solar project, more than 78 gigawatt hours of renewable energy per year will be generated from the plant by using the 210,000 Conergy PowerPlus modules on about 210km of SolarLinea mounting systems.

The clean power can then be fed into Pakistan’s grid by more than 140 Conergy IPG 300C central inverters, supplying power to 30,500 households.

Image: The 50MW solar power plant will generate more than 78 gigawatts hours of clean energy per year. Photo: courtesy of