Greg Barker

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has awarded £21m to UK entrepreneurs and organisations to help develop a range of new low carbon products.

Out of the total investment, £16m will be awarded to 30 projects under the first phase of DECC’s £35m Energy Entrepreneurs Fund, which was announced in April 2012.

Winning designs range from smart energy demand controls and innovative waste management solutions, to new ideas for installing insulation.

Under DECC’s Energy Storage Competitions scheme, 16 organisations have received a share of £2m to develop energy storage solutions.

The remaining £3m has been awarded to entrepreneurs to carry out feasibility studies and demonstrate designs for new compact heat stores in the domestic sector, under DECC’s Advance Heat Storage scheme.

DECC has already funded feasibility studies for 15 different designs, and has awarded money to test nine large-scale prototypes in the country.

The demonstrations are expected to be completed by the end of March 2014.

UK Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said: "This new investment will give these organisations the boost they need to drive forward the development of a range of innovative low carbon designs, helping cut costs and bring new technologies to market in this sector."

Image: UK Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker. Photo: Courtesy of Department of Energy and Climate Change.