Solar panel

Renewable energy firm Dulas has secured approval from the Bedford Borough Council in the UK to develop a 15MW solar energy park at Glebe Farm, near Bedford.

Planned to be built across 27ha of land, the solar park will feature 65,800 panels and will be one of the biggest photovoltaic projects in the UK once complete.

Developed by vento ludens, the project will be capable of generating enough electricity for about 3,700 homes, almost 6% of the homes in Bedford Borough Council.

The proposed scheme is expected to increase the capacity of renewables in Bedfordshire by about 25% and would result in a 6,797kg per year of reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

Work on the project is expected to start in October 2013 and be completed in April 2014.

Dulas CEO Sanjay Bowry said: "We are excited to be working with vento ludens Ltd on this scheme, which will make a significant contribution to the provision of clean, green renewable energy in the UK.

"This scheme will also contribute greatly to the impending UK energy gap due to the planned decommissioning of up to 22GW of conventional power generation over the next five years."

The UK government has set a target of having 20GW of installed solar power capacity by 2020, enough to power four million homes.

Image: The solar park features 65,800 panels and will be built on the 27ha of land at Glebe Farm. Photo: Courtesy of Dulas.