Vestas service image

ENMAX Energy has extended Vestas’ service contract on the Kettles Hill Wind Farm in Alberta, Canada by five years.

As per the deal, Vestas will provide 35 V80-1.8MW wind turbines for the 63MW power plant.

The deal also requires the Danish wind turbine manufacturer to provide its Active Output Management (AOM) 5000 service option, which will guarantee an energy-based availability of up to 97%, to ensure the turbines are operational for the maximum amount of time.

Vestas said that AOM 5000 will create business value for its customers through precise weather forecasting and VestasOnline software, which can remotely control and monitor the turbines to predict potential wear-and-tear issues.

Located near Pincher Creek in Alberta, the first phase of the Kettles Hill Wind Farm was built in 2006, with five V80-1.8MW turbines.

The second phase was completed in 2007 with 30 V80-1.8MW turbines, and ENMAX Energy, through its subsidiary, acquired the facility in 2008.

ENMAX Energy vice-president of operations Bert Adam said the deal will provide improved flexibility and alignment on performance objectives to ensure the facility is reliable and profitable.

Vestas monitors data from about 25,000 wind turbines globally, corresponding to almost 43GW, while its customers renewed 77% of expiring service agreements in 2012.

Image: Vestas will supply 35 V80-1.8MW wind turbines to Kettles Hill Wind Farm in Canada. Photo: Courtesy of Vestas.