The Russian Ministry for Economic Development has approved three combined heat and power plant (CHP) units owned by Finnish utility Fortum as joint implementation projects.

The projects include one Chelyabinsk CHP-3 unit and two Nyagan GRES units, which are part of Fortum’s investment programme.

The units, which have a total capacity of 1,052MW electricity, are estimated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 1.4 million tonnes by the end of 2012.

Fortum president and chief executive officer Tapio Kuula said by constructing modern, environmentally benign and energy-efficient energy production capacity in Russia, the company is contributing to the global reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

"We are delighted that the Russian government is recognising the endeavour by approving again Fortum’s new capacities in the country as Joint Implementation projects under the Kyoto Protocol," said Kuula.

Two enlargement projects – Pervomayskaya CHP-14 and Yuzhnaya CHP-22) of TGC-1 in St. Petersburg – were also approved as joint implementation projects.