Spanish wind power company Gamesa has announced plans to build a major manufacturing facility in Leith, Scotland.

An MoU, which Gamesa is pursuing with the Port of Laith, will set out detailed arrangements for the establishment of a major offshore manufacturing base in the UK.

The €150m facility, which is expected to create 1000 jobs, will also include blade and nacelles plants, port logistics and operation and management services.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron commented on the plans, "This is fantastic news for Scotland and shows that the UK remains an attractive place for foreign investment."

Gamesa Chairman and CEO Jorge Calvet added, "If market conditions are favourable this would mean many high quality jobs for the area. We hope to play a central role in strengthening the UK’s offshore wind energy sector and improving security of energy supply in the future. In achieving this we would also minimize any environmental impact whilst continuing to invest in and build relationships with the local communities with which we shall be working."