General Electric (GE) has received a contract from German project developer Energiekontor to supply 41 turbines for four wind power projects being developed in the country.

The new 2.75-103 wind turbine generator features an improved electrical system and has been fitted with 50.2m rotor blades with an aerodynamic shape, that incorporate GE’s own design.

The new units will generate 250 million kilowatt hour of electricity every year, which is enough to supply more than 70,000 German households, GE said.

Energiekontor managing director Peter Szabo said GE is meeting the project’s noise control regulation requirements by utilizing optimised trailing-edge serrations on its 2.75-103 range wind turbines.

"The technical design of these high-performance wind generators with their low noise emission levels is one of the main reasons we have chosen GE as our project partner," said Szabo.

All 41 wind turbines, which will feature a 98.3m high tower and a rotor diameter of 103m, will be manufactured in Germany and commissioned next year.

The blades used on the new units are capable of increasing the annual energy output by more than 9% at a wind speed of 7.5 m/s.

GE general manager of Renewable Energy Europe Stephan Ritter said the company will continue to invest in the future of the wind industry in Germany and across Europe.

"We are able to use GE’s vast resources across several business and technology sectors, including nearly 13,000 engineers throughout GE Energy and the GE Research Center in Munich," Ritter said.