INIR Kenya

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)has completed the Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) mission for Kenya.

The mission, carried out at the invitation of the Kenyan Government, lasted for eight days and was aimed at the evaluation of infrastructure development for a nuclear power programme in the country.

Following the review, ten experts from the IAEA concluded that the country has been successful in its preparation for introducing atomic power.

"Kenya has given thorough consideration to the infrastructure that will be necessary to implement nuclear power."

IAEA Nuclear Infrastructure Development Section member and INIR mission team leader Jose Bastos said: "Kenya has given thorough consideration to the infrastructure that will be necessary should the country decide to proceed with the development of a national nuclear power programme."

The INIR team also offered recommendations and suggestions for Kenya to develop its nuclear infrastructure. The country intends to use atomic energy to meet its increasing power demands.

Kenyan Ministry of Energy and Petroleum proposed using nuclear energy for power, and has set up the Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board (KNEB) for development and implementation of an atomic energy programme.

KNEB executive chairman and CEO Ochilo Ayacko said: "Kenya is committed to a successful nuclear power programme, with the aim of providing affordable, reliable, competitive, and safe electricity.

"This gives us the impetus to proceed towards the next stages and gives the government a good framework of the actions and issues requiring further development."

Image: Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board executive chairman and CEO Ochilo Ayacko during the opening session of the INIR Mission. Photo: courtesy of M. Van Sickle/IAEA.