Juwi_wind farm_Costa Rica

Juwi Energias Renovables, a subsidiary of the Germany-based Juwi group, has completed the construction of a 15.3MW wind farm in Costa Rica.

The Eólico Valle Central wind farm, which includes 17 Enercon E-44s turbines, is expected to generate enough clean electricity to power 15,000 households in the region.

The project is located 1,800m above sea level and is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 43,000t per year.

Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla is scheduled to officially inaugurate the wind farm on 13 December 2012.

Juwi connected the wind farm to the grid on 7 December.

Juwi Energias Renovables MD Alejandro Lobo-Guerrero explained the difficulties faced during the construction of the Eólico Valle Central wind farm in the rainy season.

"Given that the wind farm is situated on top of the hills, the roads were slippery, steep and difficult to access. That’s why we are particularly proud of the project," Lobo-Guerrero said.

The Eólico Valle Central wind farm is Juwi’s second flagship project in Costa Rica; the first is the Windpark Planta Eólica Guanacaste which includes 55 wind turbines.

Lobo-Guerrero said the wind farm, which was connected to the grid three years ago, was the most powerful wind farm in Costa Rica with an installed capacity of 49.5MW.

"We are happy to energetically assist Costa Rica in transforming its energy supply. An energy supply based on 100% renewable energies guarantees sustainability, price stability and security," Lobo-Guerrero added.

Costa Rica aims to switch to 100% renewables for its electricity by 2021.

Image: The Eólico Valle Central wind farm will power 15,000 households in the region. Photo: courtesy of Juwi.