The Kyocera Group and SoftBank Group subsidiary, SB Energy have been selected by Kyoto City to build and operate a 4.2MW solar power plant in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

The project, still undergoing design work, will span an area of about 89,800m² and is touted to be the largest solar power installation in the prefecture.

Kyocera Solar is in charge of system design and material procurement for the project while Kyocera Communication Systems will oversee the construction.

About 17,000 Kyocera modules equaling 4.2MW of solar power will be installed at two locations in Kyoto City.

The annual power production is estimated to be 4.2GWh of electricity, enough to supply power to about 1,000 households.

The system will utilise Kyocera’s patented anti-dust modules that prevents dust and water from collecting on the surface by allowing rain water to wash off through drainage channels along the frame of the module.

This helps prevent the adverse effect of dust build-up on the module’s glass surface which decreases the power output.

SB Energy will be the operator of the large-scale solar power plant and expects to start operations for the start of new feed-in tariff on 1 July 2012.