Biomass heating

Metso has received an order from Elenia Lampo to supply a biomass-fired heating plant for district heating production in Turenki, Finland.

Under the order, Metso’s scope of work includes process equipment, buildings and installation work.

The plant, which will have a 10MW heat output, will produce hot water for the district heating network of Turenki.

Scheduled to be operational by late 2014, the plant will be fired by locally-sourced wood-based biomass, such as forest residue and peat.

Elenia Lampo CEO Matti Tynjala said the new biomass-fired heating plant is in line with the company’s strategy to increase the share of renewable fuels in its district heat production.

Tyngala said: "The plant will significantly lower the volume of CO2 emissions in our heat generation, which further minimises the environmental footprint of district heat.

"Using domestic, locally-sourced fuels also boosts employment in the region. We additionally want to actively meet the expectations of our customers and other stakeholders to promote sustainable development."

"The plant will be fired by locally-sourced wood-based biomass, such as forest residue and peat."

Metso bioheat plant sales in charge Teemu Koskela said, "Elenia Lämpö’s investment in the heating plant is an excellent example of a project that increases the utilisation of local Finnish fuels in an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly manner."

Koskela said the Turenki site highlights the need for a flexible and highly adjustable plant solution that is able to effectively respond to heating needs throughout the year.

"The advanced BioGrate combustion technology enables a wide selection of fuels, low internal consumption and highly flexible adjustability," Koskela said.

Image: The plant will be operational by early winter 2014. Photo: courtesy of EIBIS International.