Vega Biofuels has unveiled plans to develop a new 90,000ft² bio-coal manufacturing unit in Georgia, US.

The facility, on a 15-acre tract beside the new Cordele Inland Port, will also accommodate the company’s international headquarters.

The company will work alongside engineering firm Hunt Guillot & Associates on the construction, project management and equipment installation for the new plant.

Vega Biofuels chairman and CEO Michael K Molen said the company originally planned to have one manufacturing line.

"Our plans now call for three manufacturing lines to be constructed initially and two more lines installed during our second year," said Molen.

"The facility will accommodate a total of nine manufacturing lines. We’ve had a tremendous response from all over the world concerning our bio-coal product, and this facility will allow us to more than double our volume for year one in order to meet the demand."

Timber waste will be used by the bio-coal facility to produce green energy bio-coal using a torrefaction process, for use in existing coal-fired power plants around the world.

Bio-coal is made from a torrefaction process, which is a partial carbonisation process. Biomass is then compressed into briquettes to be sold.