WindMW has completed the construction of the 288MW Meerwind Süd Ost offshore wind farm located in the German North Sea, with the installation of its 80th and final offshore turbine.

The company began construction of the project in 2012 and was completed on schedule within 18 months. It also completed the installation of Meerwind’s 3,500t offshore converter substation.

WindMW CEO Jens Assheuer said: "I would like to thank the project’s investors, staff, suppliers and other stakeholders for their significant commitment and support. The completion of the project on schedule and at the highest quality standards is a result of the contributions of all parties involved."

"The 288 MW project will help Germany eliminate approximately one million tonnes of carbon emissions per year."

Located 23km north of Helgoland, the 288 MW project will produce enough electricity to power around 360,000 households and will help Germany eliminate approximately one million tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

A total of € 1.2bn was invested in the construction of the Meerwind Sud Ost offshore wind farm project.

Meerwind was the first German offshore wind project to be fully financed by private investors, was the largest German offshore wind farm to achieve a full financial closing, and was the first to close under Germany’s KfW financing programme.

WindMW is a joint-venture of Blackstone Energy Partners, Blackstone’s energy-focused private equity business, and Windland Energieerzeugungs.

Blackstone senior managing director Sean Klimczak said: "We are very pleased to have reached this important project milestone, bringing Germany one step closer to meeting its green energy targets. Together with our partners, we would like to thank our suppliers and their hard-working teams for their efforts to make our project vision a reality."