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The Great State of Texas: explaining the power crisis and what happens next

The devastating winter storm that hit Texas sent energy prices skyrocketing but made the Bank of America millions of dollars.

Q&A: IDTechEx’s Peter Harrop on the growth and opportunities in solar vehicles

Market researcher IDTechEx recently released the second edition of its solar vehicles outlook, within 12 months of the first edition. We caught up with IDTechEx chair Dr Peter Harrop to find out what the recent advancements have been in the space, and who stands to benefit from growth in solar vehicles.

Who’s fixing up human rights issues in renewables supply chains?

A report by consultancy firm Horizon Advisory has tied the solar industry to forced labour in China, with many of China’s polysilicon manufacturers said to be actively participating in the “resettlement” of the ethnic Uyghur population in Xinjiang. With the products of this forced labour making their way to solar energy companies around the globe, we look at where work is being done to clean up the renewables supply chain.

Staff picks: potential energy game-changers for 2021

Innovation in the energy industry is soaring as governments commit to ever more ambitious climate targets and money pours into new technologies. Our staff writers highlight some of the potential energy game-changers for 2021.

Will blockage and wake effects hinder the UK’s offshore wind target?

Orsted made headlines in 2019 when it revised down its production estimates, in part due to two previously underestimated phenomena, the blockage and wake effects. With the UK embarking on an ambitious programme to deliver 40GW of offshore wind by 2030, we take a closer look at these effects and ask whether they could hinder the UK’s offshore capability.

The renewable microgrid powering a Chilean conservation project

A renewable microgrid consisting of run-of-the-river hydropower, solar generation, and a battery storage system has been installed to provide green electricity to Patagonia National Park, a major wildlife conservation project in Chile. We look at this project to see how it is supporting one of the world’s most important conservation projects.

Debate: should the EU embrace small-scale or large-scale clean energy projects?

The European Union aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, a feat that will take a myriad of projects to achieve. Yet debate remains as to whether larger, continent-wide policies, or smaller, more regionally-specific programmes, are likely to help the EU meet these lofty ambitions. Our writers discuss the two approaches.

Total acquires 50% of Adani Group’s solar portfolio for $510m

Multinational oil and gas company Total has acquired a 50% stake in Indian conglomerate Adani Group’s solar business for $510m, as Total seeks to expand its portfolio of renewable energy sources.