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Nick Ferris is senior data journalist at Energy Monitor. He has previously worked at The New Statesman, The Independent, Greenpeace Unearthed, and The Straits Times. He is a graduate of the prestigious MA in Investigative Journalism at City University. Contact Nick at: nick.ferris [at]

Nick Ferris


Weekly data: 70% of planned steel projects are dirty blast furnaces

Data from GlobalData shows that only 3% of planned steel production facilities plan to use hydrogen technology.

Weekly data: how clean energy investment in Africa has stagnated

Energy investment data for Africa reveals a state of play in the renewables sector that is a far cry from the continent’s broad ambitions.

‘Urgent action’ required to boost climate finance in Africa – IEA

Climate finance and boosting action was a major theme at the African Climate Summit, where a new International Energy Agency report was launched.

John Kerry: “Implementation of COP26 was not as strong as it should have been”

The US climate envoy also expressed hope that COP28 in Dubai will mark a chance to renew climate action.

Von der Leyen, Guterres and 20 African leaders attend Africa Climate Summit

The attendance of more leaders than expected meant proceedings were delayed by more than three hours.

Kenyan President Ruto sets the bar high at Africa Climate Summit

Delegates totalling 30,000 gather in Nairobi as African nations look for a common position in climate discussions.

Weekly data: The power companies most closely aligned with net zero in 2022

European utilities with ambitious decarbonisation plans dominate the top spots in GlobalData’s 2022 Energy Transition Rankings for the power sector.

Weekly data: South Africa’s unprecedented rooftop solar boom

Rooftop solar capacity has increased by 349% in a little over a year in South Africa.

The top ten countries undergoing the most rapid renewable power transitions 

We reveal the ten countries set to experience the most dramatic power sector transformations over the next five years.

What China must do to finally turn its back on coal

Renewables are booming in China – but so is coal. The government must rapidly invest in transmission and distribution if it is to meet its climate goals.