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Hauff-Technik: ADM Compensating Attachable Duct Collar with Segmented Rings

For dowelling core drills, break-throughs or wall sleeves in walls or in front of recesses on sheet steel housings.

Hauff-Technik: UFR Universal Wall Sleeve for Any Type of Wall

Facilitates sealing in all types of wall through a combination of integrated patch flange and 3-ribbed seal.

Hauff-Technik: ZVR Cement-Coated Wall Sleeve with Special Coating

For installation in waterproof concrete tank.

Hauff-Technik: HSD-SSG SL: Standard Press Seal with Infinitely Super Segmented Ring Technology

For sealing new pipes to be installed or pipes that have already been laid in core drills or wall sleeves.

Products and Services