EGCO Group commissions 256MW gas-fired plant in Banpong, Thailand

Thailand-based Electricity Generating Public Company (EGCO Group) has commissioned a new 256MW gas-fired power plant in Banpong.

Operated through a cogeneration system and fuelled by natural gas, the Banpong power plant features two units, which have a total installed capacity of 128MW each.

The plant also includes two gas turbines that produce 44MW energy each and a 40MW stream turbine.

EGCO Group president Jakgrich Pibulpairoj said: “EGCO Group has successfully completed construction of the ‘Banpong’ power project, a wholly owned subsidiary of EGCO Group, which started its commercial operation on 1 October 2017.

"With its cogeneration system, [the plant] has an advantage of supporting efficient fuel consumption."

“Banpong power plant, with its cogeneration system, has an advantage of supporting efficient fuel consumption, which partly enhances the country’s power security.”

EGCO Group currently operates 28 power plants with total equity contracted capacity of 4,572MW in five countries across the Asia Pacific region including Thailand, Laos, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia.

The company also has four projects under construction with total equity contracted capacity of 691MW.