Estonian network operator joins European Network for Cyber Security

Estonian-based network operator Elektrilevi has joined the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS) to focus on improving cyber resilience.

With a total network of about 64,000km of power lines and more than 24,000 substations, Elektrilevi has approximately 475,000 customers and is the largest network operator in Estonia, Northern Europe.

ENCS consulting services director Michael John said: “We’re delighted to welcome Elektrilevi as our newest member.

"Collaboration between European utilities is fundamental to address cyber security for critical infrastructure.

“Our role is to enable our members to share information and knowledge in a trusted environment. Through that, we aim to develop protocols and standards to protect both infrastructure and customers across Europe.”

Being the first Eastern European company to join ENCS, the Estonian network operator will become part of a community that is already engaged in alleviating existing threats.

Elektrilevi board member Jaanus Tiisvend said: “As Estonia’s network operator for approximately 90% of the households and businesses in the country, our role is to ensure the security of both our network and our customers’ data.

"Collaboration between European utilities is fundamental to address cyber security for critical infrastructure."

“By joining ENCS and becoming part of a pan-European community, we will be able to share best practice and ensure that best-in-class security requirements are reflected in our procurement processes.”

Elektrilevi will also be responsible for developing a consistent set of security requirements for operational technology, which includes distribution automation and smart metering.

The company will be able to run procurement processes for secure components and systems in a better and cost-effective manner.

ENCS is a non-profit organisation that focuses on implementing safe and secure European critical energy grids, as well as infrastructure.

Image: Elektrilevi joins European Network for Cyber Security. Photo: courtesy of ENCS.