Fuji Electric supplies generator for Canada’s Green Electron power project

Fuji Electric’s American subsidiary has supplied a 125MW steam turbine generator for the recently completed 300MW Green Electron combined cycle power project in St Clair Township, Canada.

The generator includes a KN model turbine, which is a two-cylinder, reheat condensing unit  installed with a TEWAC generator.

Developed by Greenfield South Power in collaboration with its affiliate Eastern Power, the Green Electron power plant is expected to improve air quality and will supply reliable power to the provincial grid.

The natural gas-fuelled plant is one of 30 natural gas generating stations in Ontario. It will be able to generate electricity for the nearby 230,000V electrical transmission circuit of Hydro One Networks.

The new plant features one combustion turbine generator, one heat recovery steam generator, and one steam turbine generator.

"The positive impact this plant will have on the community aligns with Fuji Electric’s corporate philosophy."

Fuji Electric Corp's power generation department general manager Mitchell Lardner said: “The positive impact this plant will have on the community aligns with Fuji Electric’s corporate philosophy of contributing to sustainable societies and the environment around us.”

For its new Green Electron power project, Greenfield South Power has already entered into a 20-year clean energy supply agreement with Independent Electrical System Operator of Ontario.

The plant is included in Ontario’s clean energy off-coal plan and will help realise the province’s plan to replace all of its coal-fired electricity generation with new, clean natural gas-fuelled generation.

The overall thermal efficiency of the plant is said to be higher than the coal fired facilities or simple cycle combustion turbine generator facilities. 

Image: Fuji Electric’s steam turbine generator installed at Green Electron project in St Clair Township, Ontario Canada. Photo: courtesy of Fuji Electric Corp. of America.