India's Adani Group and Whyalla City Council agree to build solarfarm in Australia

India’s largest solar generator Adani Group has entered into an agreement with the Whyalla City Council in South Australia to construct a $200m (approximately $150m), 120MW solarfarm in the northern part of Whyalla.

With a total capacity of 1,500MW, the farm is one of several solar projects the Indian energy conglomerate is planning to develop in Australia over the next five years. Construction is expected to begin in mid-2017 and be completed in approximately 12 months. The project is also expected to generate 350 employment opportunities. 

The solar generated electricity will be fed into the ElectraNet network, which feeds into the South Australian supply. 

"For many years, we have promoted Whyalla as a perfect location for solar energy production."

A member of the Giles Eddie Hughes was quoted by as saying: "This is great news for Whyalla, for many years, we have promoted Whyalla as a perfect location for solar energy production.

"We have sun, land, a skilled workforce, and a supportive community. Those attributes have attracted the interest of Adani.

"Construction of the plant will provide a boost to employment and it will provide one element in what is shaping up to be a much brighter future next year. 

"I look forward to Adani becoming part of the Whyalla community and making a very positive contribution to the future of our city." 

Both the parties have also signed a land purchase agreement for the solar plant site, which is in an industrial land estate.