Nordex to install N131/3900 turbines at Eber windfarm near Anatolia

Nordex has received another order from Erdem Holding for the delivery and installation of ten N131/3900 turbines for the Eber windfarm.

A Premium Service covering at least 15 years is also part of this deal.

The Eber location lies 250km to the south-west of Akara, near to the city of Afyonkarahisar in the western part of Anatolia.

At this location, there is an average annual wind speed of 7.8 m/s.

The N131/3900 is designed particularly for locations that have medium to low average wind speeds.

Nordex will supply turbines on 84-metre tubular steel towers in the second quarter of next year.

By the end of the same year, the 39MW windfarm will generate 136,000MWh of clean electricity.

This is the fourth windfarm for which Erdem Holding has placed an order.

"The 39MW windfarm will generate 136,000MWh of clean electricity."

Erdem Group operates in telecommunications, energy, construction, building materials, real estate, and recycling and waste management sectors. It now has been diversifying into the field of renewables.

Eber windfarm is the first project for which Nordex will produce and supply its N131/3900 turbines.

Nordex Group has installed more than 21GW of wind energy capacity in over 25 markets and, in 2016, generated revenues of €3.4bn.

Currently, the firm employs around 5,000 people and has factories in Germany, Spain, Brazil, the US, and India.

Image: Nordex to supply ten N131/3900 turbines for the Eber windfarm. Photo: courtesy of Nordex SE.