Rinfra division commission new 220kV transmission power line in India

A division of Reliance Infrastructure (R-Infra) has commissioned a new 220kV transmission link on Maharashtra State Transmission Company Limited's (MSETCL) Boisar - Borivali Transmission line in Mumbai, India.

The Boisar - Borivali line brings power to Mumbai from the outskirts of the city.

The new loop in loop out (LILO) line built near Ghodbunder substation was successfully charged by the transmission utilities.

The state will now have additional 150MW power, as it will ease congestion on city's transmission network, when the power demand is at its peak.

Reliance Infrastructure CEO & director, Lalit Jalan, said: "The link would not only take away the load on the existing system but also ensure additional power for Mumbai."

Jalan continued: "The new link will also ensure and enhance stability of the generation system of the entire grid."

The Mumbai transmission network was facing congestion due to ever increasing demand for power as well as lack of adequate transmission corridors to bring additional power to Mumbai.

This had enhanced criticality of the system that could have resulted in grid failure.

RInfra in 2008, on determining the criticality of the problem and its potential impact, has proposed its scheme of LILO of MSETCL Boisar- MSETCL Borivili line at existing 220kV EHV Ghodbunder sub-station of Rinfra.

The firm has successfully commissioned the new line well ahead of the scheduled date of March 2012.

Recently, the company commissioned three new extra high voltage substations to de-congest load on transmission and sub transmission system and has further plans to add more in addition to the existing six.

R-Infra, is also executing the prestigious Western region system strengthening scheme project for more inflow of surplus power from power rich North East Region to the power starved Western Region.