US DOE unveils new research funding for advanced energy systems

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is set to provide new cost-shared funding for proposals undertaking novel research and development (R&D) of advanced energy systems.

The new $28m fund will be provided to three new opportunities that are expected to help improve technologies related to advanced combustion systems, turbines, and gasification as part of the DOE's Office of Fossil Energy’s (FE) Advanced Energy Systems programme. 

A total of $12.8m will be provided to support development of small-scale modularisation of gasification technology components for radically engineering modular systems. In this category, the FE will mainly seek proposals for small modular plant engineering approaches including development of modular, small-scale, air-separation technologies for use in these systems. Proposals can also be forwarded to perform small field pilot front-end engineering design study.

The funding opportunity will also support the development of advanced technologies that will boost the commercial adoption of coal gasification technologies and other products that could open new markets for coal.

"The new $28m fund will be provided to three new opportunities that are expected to help improve technologies related to advanced combustion systems, turbines, and gasification."

A $10m fund has been designated by the DOE for an advanced combustion systems programme. This focuses on research, development, integration, and testing of transformational technologies, such as chemical looping and pressurised oxy-combustion systems to achieve improvements in advanced combustion coal power plant technologies.

In addition, $5.15m will be provided under the DOE’s University Turbine Systems Research (UTSR) programme. Under this category, proposals would be sought from universities that address advancing the performance and efficiency of combustion turbines in six technical topics, including low nitrogen oxide combustion technology development for air-breathing advanced turbines.

It will also include research proposals for big data analytics, advanced instrumentation, and pressure gain combustion.

Advanced energy conversion systems are capable of generating efficient, low-cost, and near-zero emission energy from existing and new fossil fuel power plants.