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Australia bids to end dependence on China for lithium refining

Australia seeks to create a homegrown lithium refining industry with the help of the US Inflation Reduction Act, but competition from China will be tough.

Ukraine restores power supply to Russian-occupied nuclear plant, assuages fears of disaster

The Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant is located on the war’s frontlines, and is often caught in shelling and firing between Ukraine and Russia.

Number of UK homes installing solar panels reaches seven-year high

More than 50,700 UK households installed rooftop solar panels in the first quarter of 2023, despite lack of subsidies.

EU heat pump target would reduce heating bills by 20%: Study

The EU’s target to install 60 million heat pumps by 2030 would lead to a 20% reduction in heating bills and cut gas dependence by 40%, a study says.

Netherlands and UK plan 1.8GW subsea interconnector

The UK and the Netherlands plan to build the world’s highest-capacity cross-border power line, capable of transferring 1.8GW of power between the countries.

Germany to ban new oil and gas heating systems from 2024

Germany has approved a bill that bans new oil and gas heating systems from 2024, while also offering subsidies and exemptions to support the transition.

Environmental campaigners sue EU over inclusion of gas and nuclear in “green” taxonomy

The European Commission is accused of violating its own climate laws by labelling gas and nuclear as “green”.

G7 countries set targets for solar and wind capacity

The countries of the G7 have pledged to increase offshore wind and solar capacity by 2030, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels.

PowerChina completes its largest offshore wind project in south-east Asia

South-east Asia’s largest offshore wind project in Vietnam will add 1.1TWh to power generation, curtailing power shortages in the country.

Research suggests replacing nuclear power with fossil fuels could increase air pollution and mortality risk

Replacement of US nuclear power with fossil fuels could increase air pollution-related deaths by 5,200 in a year, MIT study finds.