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Germany’s renewable energy push: a promising or poorly planned initiative?

Germany’s vigorous support for renewable energy may have become more than the country can handle. The Bundestag has provided subsidy payouts to develop their wind, solar and biomass industries, enabling access to transmission grids and granting producers fixed prices, leading to wind and solar power plants doubling in four years. But the fact that electricity prices are still extraordinarily high has been noted by many as a warning signal. Alexandra Carrera reports.

UK smart meter roll-out – what should households expect?

The Energy and Climate Change Committee issued a report last week on the smart meter roll-out that is set to begin in 2015 and reach completion in 2020. The group acknowledges the programme will have a beneficial impact on UK consumers and businesses. However, it reveals that the immediate cost of the roll-out could come close to £12.1bn, but the long- term price tag of benefits could reach £18.1bn. Alexandra Carrera reports.