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Energy transition in Latin America and the Caribbean

Electric mobility in LAC has gotten off to a slower start overall, but Chile and Colombia are global leaders in the rollout of electric buses.

Sector grid and leaders in European transition

Europe has a high potential in being a leader in energy transition based on two categories, mainly renewable energy and electric vehicles.

Iran’s renewable energy growth continues to be hindered by US sanctions

The removal of sanctions would provide the boost the Iranian renewable sector requires.

Renewables are the key to overcome potential energy crisis in Germany

Despite plans to rapidly develop renewable power, the country lacks the infrastructure to accommodate the distribution.

Renewables key for Thailand to overcome dependency on fossil fuel imports

Depleting natural gas reserves and rising fuel import bills have become major challenges for Thailand.

Indonesia to speed up geothermal development to solve energy issues

Geothermal power is expected to help Indonesia overcome risks associated with its dependence on fossil fuel imports.

Africa’s Energy Transition

South Africa and Morocco are among the largest African economies expecting a major buildout of renewables.

Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

US DOE analysis showed that roughly 60% of the emissions reductions from the IRA by 2030 would come from the power sector.

Canada expected to miss its 2035 clean electricity goals

If the Canadian Government is to meet its 2035 targets, it should draw on examples from its European counterparts.

Saudi Arabia to fall short of its 2023 and 2030 Renewable Target

The power sector in Saudi Arabia is facing numerous challenges when it comes to renewable power.