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EU smart meter optimism dampened by slow uptake

Despite the EU’s push for smart meter deployment, a comprehensive review reveals a mixed picture of progress, with some nations achieving 100% coverage while others lag behind or abandon targets. The slow uptake underscores the intricate challenges faced by countries navigating the transition to smart energy meters.

Lessons from San Francisco: New issue of Future Power Technology out now

In this issue: electric public transport systems, green hydrogen, Red Sea tensions’ impact on EV supply chains, France’s nuclear plans, smart grids and meters, gas-fired power plants and more.

Energy sector is most ‘concentrated’ industry in EU, Eurostat says 

Data reveals significant control by major corporations across electricity, gas and mining industries.

Winners of 2023 in the power sector

Last year’s power sector winners are Iberdrola, TotalEnergies, Ørsted, BP and Enel.

Global renewable capacity marks record growth in 2023, China leads

Renewables surge puts world on track to achieve climate targets.

Northvolt secures €902m to build EV battery plant in Germany over US

This financial backing, without which the company would have turned to the US instead, will contribute significantly to Europe’s green transition and reducing fuel dependencies.

Biggest deals of 2023 in the power sector

The biggest deals in power markets in 2023 involved Iberdrola, the Queensland Government, Enel, Asterion and Constellation, and ranged from $1.75bn to $6bn in value.

EIB invests €265m in solar projects across Europe

Investments in Spain, Belgium and Sweden to enhance solar power generation and foster technological innovation in Europe.

The most-read pieces on Power Technology in 2023

Top topics included Octopus Energy’s pioneering affordable heat pump, batteries, electric vehicles, wind turbines, nuclear power, and recycling — in short, the energy transition.

Topsoe wins EU funding to build electrolyser factory 

Topsoe will use the funding to build a factory for manufacturing electrolyser cells to boost production of green hydrogen.