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2023 looks bright for start-ups in Abu Dhabi

Start-ups, the backbone of many economies, are increasingly being asked for novel ideas to power smart cities and develop technology that fights climate change. To thrive, they need the right support and access to funding. Young companies find all that and more in Abu Dhabi.

Solar-powered cars: Solving the issue of high fuel prices and low EV charging capacity

With soaring energy prices at the pumps and in homes, the solar-powered car could well be the solution for transport – and the technology is nearing commercial launch.

How students are creating tech to solve environmental challenges in Eindhoven

Every year, Innovation Space at the University of Eindhoven runs interdisciplinary challenges where students work with businesses to develop technological solutions that tackle the biggest issues confronting industries and the planet.

Developing talent in robotics and AI for automated machines in Brabant

AI and robotics are closely aligned, with developments for both accelerating in the Netherlands province of Brabant. We find out how collaborations and talent are leading advances to build the automated machines that are fundamental for industry 4.0.

Green hydrogen: Inside Scotland’s growing industry for zero-carbon fuel

Hydrogen is quickly emerging as a potential solution to help ease the global energy crisis and enable nations to increase energy security. Scotland is playing an integral role in harnessing the potential of this zero-carbon energy source.

How Brabant’s advanced manufacturing hub is driving economic success

In the Netherlands province of Brabant, it is possible to build, design and make practically every type of component, complex machine and system. Central to this is collaboration, with key examples in Brainport Industries Campus and Gate2.

Power games: switching consumers on to demand side response

The new GenGame mobile app allows 2,000 Northern Powergrid customers to win cash prizes by turning off appliances at times of peak demand. Julian Turner takes a closer look at the scheme, which also gathers data on the expected growth in household energy use as electric vehicles come online.

Bright SPARC: can MIT scientists make fusion power a reality?

Italian oil company Eni is investing $50m in Commonwealth Fusion Systems, an MIT spinout that is collaborating with the institute on the development of superconducting magnets to produce zero-carbon energy in a fusion power experiment called SPARC. Julian Turner gets the lowdown from CEO Robert Mumgaard.

GridBeyond CEO Michael Phelan on the T-4 capacity auction

Analysts believe the recent T-4 energy supply auction represents a seismic shift in National Grid’s attitude to capacity, one that increasingly values flexibility and balance over power delivery to the grid. Julian Turner asks GridBeyond CEO Michael Phelan for his take on UK energy policy.

Li Shuo of Greenpeace East Asia discusses China’s carbon trading scheme

China is to implement the world’s largest carbon trading mechanism to regulate 3.3 billion metric tonnes of emissions, dwarfing the EU’s Cap and Trade scheme. Julian Turner asks Li Shuo, senior climate and energy policy officer at Greenpeace East Asia, if this is a real game-changer or simply business as usual.