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Energy price forecasts heap pressure on UK Government to provide additional support

Poorer households may have to face choosing between food or using heating this winter.

GM bets on fuel-cell as battery shortcomings hamper clean energy transition

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Countries are committing to move away from coal, but major obstacles lie ahead

Despite the continuously growing commitment to reducing the use of coal, there are challenges with how to manage the transition for some countries.

UK Government considering loans for energy firms amid soaring prices

A 250% rise in gas prices this year has created problems for UK energy companies.

The world’s largest renewable energy project is too big for its own good

Expansion of the AREH was rejected due to its environmental impact.

UK’s Green Industrial Revolution is a chance to lead outside Europe

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BP takes bold steps to abandon oil-based energy and become world’s largest renewable power

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Ovo Energy has ‘big six’ potential following the latest acquisition

SSE Energy serves around 3.5 million household and business accounts, which will now join over 1.5 million retail customers supplied by Ovo Energy and casts doubt over the future of the ‘big six’ grouping.

Wind power is becoming cheaper as Hinkley Point C project goes over budget

EDF’s Hinkley Point C nuclear project is flawed, delayed and over budget, plus evidence points to better options.