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Correspondent Oliver Gordon is a sustainability-focused multimedia journalist based in London. He has previously worked for Struggles From Below, Uxolo Development Finance, Proximo Infra, TXF News, City AM and Euromoney.

Oliver Gordon


Europe on the brink of ‘disastrous’ deindustrialisation – MYTILINEOS

The energy crisis and the subsequent market interventions from the EU have left Europe’s energy-intensive heavy industries on their knees, MYTILINEOS’s Nick Keramidas tells Energy Monitor.

Food versus energy: Can agrivoltaic farming solve both crises?

In a world of diminishing resources and rising demands, land increasingly comes at a premium for energy and food production. Could the answer be as simple as combining both?

Small modular reactors: What is taking so long?

Next-generation nuclear has long been just around the corner, but debate still rages over the silver-bullet credentials of small modular reactors.

Can community energy save lives this winter?

Millions of low-income households risk falling into energy poverty this winter. Giving power back to the people may be the long-term solution.

Can thermal storage fire up the net-zero transition?

After almost a decade in incubation, thermal energy storage is finally coming of age to play its long-fated role in the net-zero transition.

Climate leaders paint gloomy picture on progress since COP26

A sombre mood at the opening of London Climate Action Week reflected the modest progress that has been made since the Glasgow conference in November.

Can flow batteries supercharge the energy transition?

The prevailing lithium-ion battery is not suited for the longer-duration energy storage needed to back up renewable energy. Flow batteries could be the perfect complement.

Can solar panels in space power the race to net zero?

The UK Government is weighing up a £16bn project to put a solar power station in space. Although it sounds stranger than fiction, it isn’t.

The birth of the carbon removal market

Could a pioneering investment initiative from an alliance of Silicon Valley stalwarts catalyse the levels of carbon removal needed to limit global warming to 1.5°C?

Carbon capture: Where is it working?

For the world to reach net zero, industry – the largest emitter – is going to have to rapidly expand its use of carbon capture and storage technology.