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Nigeria considers G20 membership, Tinubu to attend summit in India

As Nigeria assesses the benefits of a G20 membership, the Indian PM has invited Nigeria’s President, Bola Tinubu, to attend the G20 Leaders Summit in New Delhi.

Countdown begins for ISRO’s solar mission 

After the historic landing of ISRO’s Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft on the moon’s south pole, ISRO’s solar mission will launch on 2 September.

Recycling renewables: what happens to waste from the solar industry?

The growth of solar energy over the years has generated millions of tonnes of panel waste that usually end up in landfills. But some companies in the US have started to tackle this issue.

Remote transition: The route to decarbonising indigenous communities

For remote or indigenous communities, the energy transition requires new considerations. Smruthi Nadig looks at the initiatives hoping to decarbonise far-flung communities.

“Drawing a blank”: Initial probe against the Adani Group finds no violation

The Securities and Exchange Board of India said there was “no evident pattern of manipulation” but seeks more time to investigate.

Survey shows 90% of gas buyers aim to achieve net-zero goals by 2040

Even though 90% of buyers aim to achieve net-zero goals by 2040, 42% are yet to implement efforts to achieve this.

IEA head says energy prices in Europe could spike again this winter

The spike in energy prices could force governments to subsidise bills, says the International Energy Agency’s Fatih Birol.

Report: Germany’s renewable energy share covered more than half of electricity consumption this year

The findings showed that the share of renewable energy in electricity generation was 57% in May and 62% in February this year.

The rise of waste-to-energy and the perception transition 

Smruthi Nadig speaks to waste-based fuel expert, co-founder and CEO of Stellar3, a waste transformation technology provider and developer company, to understand waste-to-energy technologies’ transition and environmental benefits.

India to overtake China as largest driver of oil demand, says IEA chief

Fatih Birol says India could become a centre of global energy affairs with healthy renewables growth.