Hydropower is one of the most widely used power-generating sources. Even though fossil fuels dominate electricity generation across the world, more than 60 countries use hydropower to meet the majority of their electricity needs. For reasons which include its ability to instantaneously respond to changing electricity demand, as well as water management and flood control, hydropower is the most popular non-polluting source of electricity generation in the world. The cumulative installed capacity for hydropower was 1,356GW in 2021. 

By region, Asia-Pacific accounted for 45% of the global cumulative installed capacity of hydropower in 2021, dominated by China with a cumulative capacity of 390.9GW. Most of the largest active hydropower plants in the world are in China and most of the largest upcoming hydropower plants are also either in China or are being built by Chinese companies in other countries including Pakistan, Congo, and Myanmar. India, Japan, and Vietnam are the next largest countries in Asia-Pacific. Europe is a distant second and holds a 23% share of the global hydropower capacity. 

Due to the faster development of other renewable technologies, the share of hydropower within the total generation capacity is expected to decline to 13% in 2035. However, in absolute terms hydropower will continue to grow, especially in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East and Africa, which account for 55% of the global upcoming hydropower capacity. 

The major hydro turbine manufacturers in the hydro turbine market include General Electric Co, Andritz AG, Voith GmbH & Co KGaA, Dongfang Electric Corporation Ltd, Harbin Electric Corp, Power Machines, Toshiba Corp, and Hitachi Mitsubishi Hydro Corp. These hydro turbine companies together hold more than a 75% share of the cumulative installation in the global hydro turbine market with the remaining shared by local and other international players. 

Other significant suppliers are Fuji Electric Co Ltd, Tyazhmash, Zhefu Holding Group Co Ltd, Gammon India Ltd, IMPSA SA, UCM Resita SA, Ansaldo Energia SpA, and Dongfang Electrical Machinery Co Ltd. 

Source: Hydro Turbines 

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