Handling and lifting heavy loads and materials is a common sight in the power industry. The sector requires diverse solutions since the type of equipment required varies with the plant type and operational specifications.

Thermal power plants, for instance, need bulk material handling and storage silos to handle large quantities of bulk materials such as coal, fuel, and ash whereas nuclear power plants require special equipment to carefully handle radioactive materials.

Finding suppliers of materials handling, storage and lifting equipment

Power Technology has listed leading suppliers of materials handling, storage and lifting equipment and systems for the power industry.

The list includes providers of product handling systems, bulk material handling systems, silo storage systems, rack and pinion industrial lifts/elevators, oversized and heavy lift cargo forwarding services, as well as hoist solutions and equipment for power plants.

The information contained in the download document is useful for power plant construction, operation and maintenance managers, material handling managers, store managers, engineers and consultants, as well as any other individuals involved in the materials handling, storage and lifting operations at power plants.

The download contains detailed information on materials handling, storage and lifting equipment suppliers and their product and service lines, alongside contact details to aid your purchasing or hiring decision.

Materials handling, storage and lifting equipment for power plants

Materials handling, storage and lifting equipment and systems designed for power generation facilities include:

  • Access engineering, lifting and handling, as well as personal protection equipment
  • Biomass fuel and ash handling/storage systems
  • Bulk materials handling
  • Dry product handling systems
  • Fuel cycle consulting and spent nuclear fuel and waste storage/transportation
  • Lifting and transportation equipment for the wind turbine industry
  • Rack and pinion elevators, industrial elevators, material lifts, personnel lifts and construction hoists
  • Remote handling and robotics for the nuclear energy industry

Material handling systems in thermal power plants

A material handling system in thermal power plants plays a key role in handling power plant equipment such as generators, turbines, boilers, cooling towers, transformers and other equipment during their construction, operation, and maintenance.

Hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical coal/fuel handling and storage systems enable operators to manage a large volume of coal, fuel and ash during thermal power plant operations.