Power plant noise control and vibration reduction systems are not only essential for meeting regulatory and environmental requirements, but also protect the workplace and equipment from noise and vibration-related problems while maintaining good relations with the local community.

Uncontrolled noise and vibration from power generation equipment and processes can cause major occupational health and safety (OHS) concerns and affect productivity by hindering communication and inducing fatigue due to unpleasant, loud environmental conditions.

Discover power plant noise and vibration control equipment suppliers

Power Technology has listed leading suppliers of power plant noise reduction and vibration control equipment and services. The list covers a comprehensive range of noise and vibration control equipment and services for power applications.

The information in the download document is intended for power plant construction and operations managers, power technology consultants and engineers, environmental compliance coordinators, health and safety officers, and other individuals involved in power plant planning, design, process enhancement and environmental upgrades.

The document contains detailed information on noise and vibration suppression equipment suppliers and their products, along with contact details, to inform your purchasing decision.

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Power plant noise reduction and vibration monitoring solutions

The noise and vibration control requirements of power plants differ based on their types, configurations and locations.

Plant operators seek selective noise and vibration control solutions depending on the nature of the power generating system and the local regulatory or environmental requirement.

Sound and vibration control equipment and services used at power plants include:

  • Acoustic enclosures for turbines, generators and transformers
  • Silencers for boilers, compressors, exhaust gases and ducts
  • Heavy-duty dampers and blow-off silencers
  • Silencers for cooling towers, condensers and heat exchangers
  • Silencers for fan inlets and discharges
  • Vinyl sound barriers, enclosures, noise-blocking pipes and foam panels
  • Anti-vibration and high-deflection hock mounts for compressors, generators and wind turbine gearboxes
  • Vibration isolation and shock control washers and bushings
  • Coil-spring and viscous damper isolation
  • Pads and isolation washers for wind turbines
  • Vibration and noise monitoring, control and analysis
  • Rotor balancing services
  • Acoustic consulting services

Nuclear power plant vibration detection and control

Noise and vibration analysis is a key method of monitoring the operational safety of nuclear power plant components, including reactor vessels, steam generators and piping systems. Vibration monitoring and neutron noise analysis can detect and diagnose any structural degradation and mechanical integrity issues with reactor vessel internals, allowing staff to take early corrective action to help maintain plant safety.

Excessive flow within the reactor coolant piping system induces acoustic resonance and vibration, which could lead to fatigue cracks, fretting damages and component failures that affect the safety and performance of the plant.

While most flow-induced vibration problems in nuclear power generation are identified and avoided at the design stage, regular noise and vibration monitoring remain essential to ensure plant safety and efficiency.