Power plant maintenance ensures power assets’ continuous operations, extends their useful lives, and streamlines their performance and availability.

The use of technologies such as predictive maintenance and drones can help power plant operators implement and adhere to maintenance schedules, minimise the wear and tear of components, avoid unscheduled stoppages and ensure optimal productivity of power plants.

Power plant maintenance companies and operations service providers

Power Technology has listed the highest-rated companies and contractors providing power plant commissioning and operation services, power generation equipment maintenance and repair services, turbine support and inspection services, testing and measurement solutions, emission monitoring systems, oil reclaiming and oil purification services, and welding services.

The list has been compiled using Power Technology’s intel, insights and decades of experience in the sector, and includes suppliers of mobile platforms and access systems, lubricants and lubrication equipment, gas detection systems and control room consoles.

The information in the download document is aimed at operations and maintenance managers and engineers, technical site officers, boiler operation and maintenance supervisors, utility maintenance engineers, and diagnostic engineers.

The document includes detailed information on the suppliers and their product lines, along with contact details, to aid you in your purchasing decision.

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SCADA and CMMS applications for power plant maintenance contractors and operators

A power plant’s smooth operation is essential to the uninterrupted delivery of power to consumers. Maintenance contractors and operators play a vital role in keeping plants operating economically and avoiding any operational issues after commissioning. They follow industry-leading maintenance procedures and practices, as well as rely on technologies such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) to carry out maintenance activities.

SCADA enables the monitoring of plant operations and machinery conditions, while CMMS helps in planning maintenance activities in advance. Power plant maintenance contractors can use CMMS to track the performance of power plant equipment and components. The technology is also used to detect faults or underperforming assets and schedule maintenance activities accordingly.