Wälischmiller, a leading provider of cutting-edge robotic and remote-handling solutions, proudly announces its participation in the 50th Annual Waste Management (WM) Symposium, scheduled to take place in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, from March 10th to 14th.

Under the overarching theme of “Proud of Our Past, Poised for the Future,” the WM Symposium serves as a global platform for experts and industry leaders to converge and discuss critical aspects of radioactive waste management and related technologies.

Wälischmiller will be an active participant at booth #712, offering attendees the opportunity to meet our experts and discuss about our state-of-the-art solutions in Robotics, Remote-Handling, Remotely Operated Systems, and other innovative technologies. With over 70 years of experience, Wälischmiller is committed to advancing the field of radioactive waste management through cutting-edge engineering. In a significant highlight, Wälischmiller will deliver an oral presentation on its groundbreaking robotic solution called LIROB. The presentation, titled “Advancing Automation in Hot Cells with LIROB,” will showcase the latest advancements in automation technology designed to enhance efficiency and safety in hot cell environments. By replacing traditional mechanical manipulator, Lirob offers an automating hot cell processes with standard wall openings between 160 mm to 254 mm. To its robust design, it can easily handle payloads of up to 10 kg (20 kg peak load) and interact remotely with hazardous materials and processes, mitigating the risks associated with direct human intervention.

This symposium provides a unique occasion for more than 3,000 professionals from over 30 countries to engage in discussions on various interrelated topics, including Characterisation of Radioactive and Hazardous Waste, Storage, Treatment, Packaging, Transport and Disposal, Engineering Design and Construction, Environmental Laboratories, Decontamination, Decommissioning, and Environmental Remediation.

“We are excited to be part of the 50th WM Symposium and share our expertise in robotics and remote-handling engineering with industry leaders and professionals from around the world,” said Jean-Michel Wagner, responsible for Marketing at Wälischmiller. “Our innovative solutions play a pivotal role in the safe and efficient handling of radioactive waste, contributing to a sustainable and secure future.”

To schedule a meeting with Wälischmiller during the WM Symposium, please visit booth #712 or contact us directly here using the “make an inquiry” formular.

About Wälischmiller:

Wälischmiller is a globally recognized provider of advanced robotic and remote-handling solutions, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technologies in the field of radioactive waste management. With a rich history spanning over seven decades, Wälischmiller is committed to shaping the future of automation and engineering excellence.