asset information management

Accruent is one of the leading providers of physical resource management solutions and has introduced an asset information management platform that bridges the gap between engineering and maintenance.

The solution assists manufacturers with safely delivering products by gaining 24/7 access to mission-critical engineering information throughout the asset lifecycle.

When engineering documentation is not updated properly across an organisation, employees can get hurt and routine work orders can be delayed. Avoiding accidents and operating as efficiently as possible ensures that maintenance teams are working with current, accurate, and complete technical documentation.

With Accruent’s integrated platform and additional functionality, the process manufacturing industry can promote transparency within their organisations. This visibility enables manufacturers to minimise exposure to hazardous conditions, react to unplanned events more quickly, improve efficiency through more effective resource planning, and identify potential bottlenecks and exceptions in advance.

Accruent SVP-International Willem-Jan Scholten said: “Process manufacturers must be able to break down information silos within their organisation to bring quality products safely and efficiently into the market and deliver consistent results.

“Accruent is taking our flagship products in computerised maintenance management and engineering information management and adding cross-product functionality to help process manufacturers connect their operations, maintenance and engineering stakeholders throughout the asset lifecycle.”

According to Market Watch, 47% of organisations believe disconnected data is impacting their organisation’s ability to innovate, develop new products and services, and get them to market quickly. In fact, organisations in the US and UK are losing a total of $140 billion each year due to disconnected data.

As an Asset Information Management platform built specifically for manufacturers, Accruent’s engineering information management (EIM) solution integrates with Accruent’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), uniting historically disparate engineering and maintenance teams to streamline their internal business processes, increase productivity and efficiency, and contribute to overall profitability.

With Accruent’s mobile app, users can find and view all documents related to an asset quickly and easily and provide direct feedback on documents while on-site. The application ensures 24/7 access to engineering drawings and supports advanced search options using property values to help users find mission-critical documents quickly and efficiently.

The mobile app also supports multiple languages such as English, German, and Brazilian Portuguese to leverage the diversity and global presence of an organisation’s workforce.

Integrations between Accruent’s CMMS and capital planning tools help capital planners better leverage existing data to create short and long-term capital plans and make data-driven decisions that drive meaningful change. The analytics capability allows managers and planners to identify workflow bottlenecks by analysing past performance, so that organisations can accurately forecast typical duration of tasks and workloads. Over 1,200 of the world’s leading process manufacturers have chosen to partner with Accruent across our various product lines:

  • Engineering Information Management (EIM): Establishes a centralised, secure, scalable, and highly accessible repository for all engineering documentation to help owner-operators run their manufacturing plant efficiently, safely, sustainably, and profitably.
  • CMMS: Provides visibility and control over work orders, assets, facilities, and contractors
  • IoT monitoring: Collects data and integrates workflows for nearly any asset class, from elevators, HVAC and lighting, to fuel pumps, compactors, refrigerators, and chillers.
  • Survey, audit and capital planning: Enables manufacturers to know the current state of their facilities and assets and to monitor and budget for product consistency across their plants.

Accruent is integrating solutions to optimise the management of an organisation’s assets and extend asset longevity throughout the asset lifecycle. These product integrations are available immediately worldwide.