Konecranes latest advancement in the service business, TRUCONNECT® Remote Services, gives customers access to actual usage and safety related data of their lifting devices through a remote connection.

With this information the customers can plan future maintenance actions with increased confidence and they can also observe possible safety issues. In future, the TRUCONNECT offering will include a variety of distinct remote services ranging from periodic data reporting to real time diagnostics, technical support and production monitoring.

Remote Monitoring and Reporting is the core of the full TRUCONNECT Remote Services offering. In this service the usage data is collected from the equipment through a remote connection and compiled into web views and customer reports that are available through a secure online customer portal.

Easy-to-interpret reports include information about safety, operating statistics and service life of the equipment. As an additional value added service, Safety Alerts such as hoist overloads and other safety related information can be delivered to the customer by email or text message shortly after each occurrence.

"In the reports we emphasise safety issues such as overloads or emergency stops that have occurred, and how the maintenance can be optimised," says James Dowe, head of service, APAC. "As all data is based on real usage, it is possible to tailor the maintenance for individual cranes."

Changing the game of crane maintenance

As a whole, TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring and Reporting provides an opportunity to optimize the maintenance of their equipment.

"It helps our customers not just to improve the safe use of their equipment, but also to help to plan the right maintenance at the right time and to assess the life-cycle of certain equipment components", explains Qi’an Yang, general manager, service China.

Qi’an continues: "Remote monitoring lays the foundation for real-time services. In the future it enables for example live diagnostics as well as technical support and advanced predictive maintenance planning."

Backed-up by the industry’s largest service network

One of the core strengths of Konecranes is the company’s global service network, consisting of more than 3,800 service technicians in 47 countries.

"We are the largest crane manufacturer offering maintenance and remote services to our lifting devices internationally", says Mr. Dowe. "We now can provide our customer with both the skilled handicraft work of our service technicians and new, knowledge-based technologies like TRUCONNECT."

Remote services are currently available for Konecranes CXT cranes for industrial applications and for SMARTON® cranes for heavy applications.

Mr Dowe says: "Remote Monitoring and Reporting can also be installed as a retrofit package to existing cranes. The remote connections are secured and isolated from public internet and all the data traffic is encrypted. Data is stored also in a highly secured location."