Leading underwater service provider, Hibbard Inshore has announced the newest addition to its remotely operated vehicle (ROV) fleet – the Mojave. Purchased from Sub-Atlantic™, the Mojave sets new standards for compact ROVs as the most power vehicle for its size.

Hibbard Inshore is enthusiastic about its new purchase. "With the success of the other vehicles we have purchased through Sub-Atlantic, such as the Mohican and Navajo, we were confident in purchasing the Mojave. We’re excited about utilising this vehicle in conditions where cross currents affect the ROV’s stability," said senior project engineer Dave Malak.

The vehicle’s vectoring thrusters allow the Mojave to remain stationary in strong cross-current conditions, increasing productivity during inspections.

In March the Mojave will debut in the field by plugging leaks in the bottom of a 180m surge shaft. "We’re looking forward to using the Mojave for this project where stability is a factor," said ROV supervisor Chester Schultz.

The Mojave joins Hibbard Inshore’s diverse fleet of ROVs, offering clients an even wider array of solutions for their speciality underwater projects.