This centrifugal fan is currently ready for shipping from our European factory in Holsted, Denmark. The large fan will be used as part of a flue gas cleaning system.

The fan is manufactured in acid-proof stainless steel and designed for 99.802 m³/h and a pressure of 3.750Pa. To ensure highly energy-efficient operation, the fan is equipped with a 155kW ABB SynRM (synchronous reluctance) motor-drive package and a suction box to reduce turbulence at the fan inlet.

As the fan will be mounted outside, fan housing and suction box are insulated for noise reduction and covered in an aluminium plate.

The fan is a DAT type from our Heavy Duty Line.

Our Heavy Duty fans are in a very robust design and the obvious choice for industrial fans running 24/7 in a demanding environment to ensure reliable, long-term operation.