Parker Hannifin Corporation is launching a new portable purifier for applications in power generation environments. Developed by Parker’s Hydraulic Filter Division, the SentinelTM product is the only purifier on the market with an automatic monitoring system.

The smallest of Parker’s family of purifiers, the Sentinel compact, mobile system is optimized for oil and hydraulic fluid reservoir systems of up to 1000 gallons, and despite being made of 316 stainless steel is 75% smaller and lighter (measuring just 45"H x19.5"W x 24"L (114cm x 50cm x 69cm)) (440lbs/200kg) than traditional full size purification systems. Serving three main functions, removing water, degassing and removing solid particles, the Sentinel system is highly efficient and uses 1/3 less energy than larger units.

"Power Gen is our largest market for Sentinel, as it is one of the only industries that never change their oil unless absolutely necessary, typically adding new oil only as their reservoirs become low." said Garry Moore, product manager for Sentinel for Parker’s Hydraulic Fuel Systems Division.

"This means they depend on their filtration and purifier systems to keep their oil clean, in order to optimize operating conditions for their transformers, EHC drives and turbines, and reduce their high operating cost, and profit losses with reduced down time", he added.

Sentinel features Parker’s IQAN MD3 electronic interface and platform controller, which allows the operator to customise set points for various applications within their facility, including sample rates, moisture high / low limits, temperature, vacuum purge cycle, auto condensate drain and energy conserving features. In addition to setting custom parameters the operator can choose from three modes of operation, standard, sentinel and sample modes.

Standard mode allows for less power consumption by drawing the fluid through the unit in a unique cyclic method. Sentinel mode, which is similar to standard mode except it draws fluid from the reservoir and tests at the water saturation point, allowing system to hibernate in between sampling points.

And finally sample mode, which can test the fluid in batches to test overall moisture level and temperature averages. Once the parameters and operating mode are set by the user (including timing settings of 1-720 hours) Sentinel operates unattended and automatically for the duration.

Parker will be demonstrating the Sentinel system at HydroVision 2015, July 14-17 in Portland, Oregon, Booth 10071.