Pinnacle APC provides equipment and services for all types and makes of air pollution control systems. Equipment includes new systems and replacement parts. Services include inspections, maintenance, repairs, rebuilds, performance upgrades and engineering evaluations.

Reverse pulse cleaning fabric filters

The Pinnacle APC reverse pulse cleaning fabric filter is available in a full range of sizes for high-efficiency solid particulate capture. Design features include:

  • Snap ring bag seal (no clamps)
  • Modular heavy duty construction
  • 11 GA steel filter support cages with integral venturis
  • Global immersion pulse valves
  • Maintenance friendly

Mechanical collectors (multiclones)

The Pinnacle APC mechanical collector is available in organ pipe and envelope arrangements. They are utilized primarily as precleaners and spark arrestors upstream of other air pollution control devices; e.g. in biomass boiler applications. Design features include:

  • 6in and 10in precipitating tube sizes
  • Cast white iron or ceramic tubes
  • Low pressure drop operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Side or top inlets available
  • Side or top outlets available

Cartridge collectors

The Pinnacle APC cartridge collector is a high-quality, cost-effective, continuous duty solid particulate filtration device. Design features include:

Coal-fired boiler fabric filter.
Oil-fired boiler multiclone.
Limestone plant cartridge collector.
FB scrubber system ventilating furnace.
Field crew changing filter bags.
  • Low headroom
  • Easy cartridge replacement (no tools)
  • High-efficiency pleated filter elements
  • Global immersion pulse valves
  • Up flow and down flow arrangements
  • Heavy-duty modular design

Fluidized bed wet scrubbers 

The Pinnacle APC wet scrubber is of the fluidized design utilizing multiple beds of low-density spheres. Design features include:

  • High absorption of soluble gases due to the exceptional transfer characteristics of the fluidized beds
  • Effective removal of particulate, tars and oils without plugging or channeling
  • High gas and liquid throughputs
  • Low pressure drop operation
  • Wide operating range

Services for air pollution control systems

Technical expertise is available on air pollution control units / systems, including:

  • Maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Upgrades / rebuilds
  • Replacement parts
  • Turnkey installation
  • Engineering / consulting
  • Filter change crew